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It's worth it - the Long Game

Well, greetings from Virginia, where overnight I need galoshes, and my toes have started to web together from all the rain. Now, now, I know many of you don’t even know what rain is and are sweltering in 100+ degree heat. It’s perspective.

Last week we talked about the long game. The instant gratification – NOW vs. creating a foundation - long-game for WOW results IN THE FUTURE.

With 4 days of rain, and gloomy and chilly weather, I keep thinking…my little garden and solo cup starter plants are soooo happy. The long-game. While I may not be able to go outside, invite my friends over to enjoy the firepit or sit on my patio TODAY….what amazing benefits the rain will bring in weeks to come—long game.

Yeah…the long game is hard for me too.

It’s all about perspective. How does your business strategy (to-do list or daily activities) feed into a long-term growth and financial strategy?

I am the first to say…I am not “getting” to where I want to go.

But then again…I have to ask myself, have I defined “getting,” and then are my “daily activities, goals and planning” focused on this undefined “getting”?

Last week I mentioned Don Miller’s Small Business Flight School. What if I said you could supercharge your business and sales in less than 6 months?

Oh wait, did you just mutter, “Oh Janna, stop. There is no way”. Yup, I heard that.

Stop talking to yourself and keep reading.

First, I say it over and over again. WE CANNOT RUN A BUSINESS BY OURSELVES.

There is no way we can know all the aspects of our business. You started with a passion to impact the world with your idea. But then, slowly, you get caught up in the daily sales, operations, and making it work.

What if you could regain your passion?

Find more time.

Make more money and enjoy coming to work.

What if you, the entrepreneur running a company with 1-30 employees, could create a strategic plan (stay with me even if you are rolling your eyes and slowly retreating)

…that helps you with leadership, marketing, sales, products, overhead and operations and cash flow all together? All those things that you overwhelm you in your day.

Okay…let’s go back to last week. I talked about a magic formula.

A magic formula that is

• Easy to remember

• Everyone in your company can quote it

• Moves the whole team toward the vision and financial goals aka sales and growth?

What if you created a mission statement that defines the “getting”. It includes:

• 3 economic priorities

• Clear deadline to achieve it

• Your why – why do you want to achieve this, and what is the impact?

Something like:

We will increase our client base to (1) 40 new clients, (2) sell 10 retainer packages, and (3) add 500 subscribers to our email list by December 31, 2023 so entrepreneurs have the tools to grow their business and increase their impact.

What if your entire team said that before every meeting? It became the why to come to work and structure their daily activities.

Every email sent makes more sense because they are - growing the list to give tools to entrepreneurs. Every “sales conversation” has more meaning because - we provide tools so entrepreneurs can increase their impact.

Some of you…I see you are still on the fence. Unsure. Not willing to commit, because it seems complicated and, if we put it bluntly – ICKY. Yup. ICKY.

Others of you…said, “I AM IN.” I want to know more, but only if we meet during lunch or while getting pedicures. The answer, YES!!

Others of you have said…”I don’t have 6 months or 5 hours a week to give.” I got you. I get it. So what if we met for an hour each week for 8 weeks. The answer, YES!!

So what other excuses do you have? Throw them my way. I am up for the challenge to find a YES. A yes that means we can work together to increase your impact, your sales and define your “getting”.

Getting Your Ducks In A Row


P.S. What are you waiting for? Check out the Small Business Flight School. If you hit JOIN…you get the bonus of having J. Duck work with you. Either the DIY – 6 month version, or reply to this email and ask me about the 8 week super charged LETS GOOOO! version.


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