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Hi, we're J.Duck

Ducks in a row

What's the Duck all about?

Welcome! I bet you're asking… "What about the J. Duck?". We must be kindred spirits. No matter what website I go to, I want to go behind the curtain and see where they came from. 


Our story begins when I was a kid watching Ernie and Rubber Duckie come to life in every episode of Sesame Street. Rubber Duckie was Ernie's best friend. He was loyal, listened, and helped him reason and solve the toughest problems.


When Janna's brother helped name the company (even before it was a company), we had no idea how much it would come to represent our core values and the relationships we invest with our clients. Just like Janna's brother saw the creativity, adventure, and child-like faith in her before she could see it, we are here to help our clients "get their ducks in a row" by helping you discover and articulate the passions inside of you.

J. Duck
Janna Bowman

Janna Bowman

Head Duck

Originally from the west Texas town of El Paso, thriving when I am in the idea and creating zone with other visionaries and leaders!  I am an avid believer that there is never enough coffee, adventure, or dark chocolate in life. I dailfind my faith and hope in Jesus Christ. Always thriving on adventure and thrill. I have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and always find time for family and friends.

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