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The Pursuit of the One More

The one more…is the impact you are making that you may or may not see before the breakthrough.

One more call

One more rep

One more conversation

The One more…triggers a reaction in me that says...let’s just get to the action.

Let’s get to the adventure, the hair on fire, helping clients find solutions.

But I am reminded of my word for the year. CONSISTENT.

As a visionary and working with visionaries, being in the same gear, doing the reps, the same thing over and over. I have to admit...

C a n s e e m  r e a l l y  p a I n f u l. It’s not fun. It feels slow, never ending.

But…the rewards are so much greater. 

I am reading Ed Mylett's book, The Power of One More. His illustration of kids hitting a piñata at a birthday party hit home (haha pun intended)

The first kid, hits it. The second kid hits it. The third, the fourth, the fifth. Seeing only marginal results, but what they don’t see is the incremental change its making so that when the sixth and seventh kid hits it.

BAM! The candy pours out.

As I am on day 18 of #75Hard, everyday when I am doing my outdoor walk, I am reminded of one more. Or as I continue with PT for my hips, some days it doesn't seem to make a difference and then after the 10th session there seems to be huge leaps of progress.

The One More. Consistent. Resilent. Do the reps.

What is your ONE MORE for this week. How are you staying the course and be consistent to keep pushing to ONE MORE?


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