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Does the thought of Discipline make you want to Run?

do the hard work

Visionary Leaders, do the words consistent and discipline make you want to run??

You have incredible ideas. Your mind runs at a speed most people can’t keep up with or understand.

You would rather be in the now. And cringe when someone badgers you with questions to understand the details.

In your mind, you have already communicated everything for your team to make it happen. (Hint: I can help you with that.)

I read an inspiring quote today by Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, “Discipline is what keeps you on track when motivation isn’t enough.”

As a leader…that is critical. Some days there just isn’t any motivation, but doing the reps creates resiliency that creates discipline.

I started #75Hard this week, a 75-day mental and fitness challenge. I did this in 2020, so it’s not a New Year's resolution; I know it works.

I am sure your asking why…why do that to yourself??

My WHY is, first I can! With two new hips, the sky is the limit. And second, I am determined to tackle my weakness for consistency and discipline head-on.

So why do I want to improve my consistency and discipline – even though everything in me wants to avoid it – my mind equates it to be boring, rigid, not at the moment, not exciting, and definitely not visionary, creating and dreaming impossible ideas.

Sound familiar?

But I know…

  • When I am in my best mindset, I am my best self for others.

  • When I am moving my body and growing my mind, I show up better for my friends, family and community.

  • When I conquer the hardest parts of my own tendencies, I can keep reaching to help my clients do the same.

What consistency and discipline are you tackling to maintain your motivation for the next 12 weeks?

Let's get our #ducksinarow together.


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