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Crunch the Numbers, Inc

J. Duck is a gem. They were instrumental in helping me take my mission statement and purpose of my company and put it in words that truly spoke to my customer and how I help them. They are not only a StoryBrand certified guide but her 20 years of marketing & event planning back up the StoryBrand framework.  


J. Duck took my mission statement and pulled things that I had not even seen out of it. I love my business and purpose, but like most business owners, I got lost in the trees of my own company. J. Duck helped me see the forest again and how each tree would fit inside the forest.


J. Duck thoroughly understands marketing and that a website or lead page or event is not just what it is, but it represents who we are, what we believe in and what we do. J. Duck took my purpose, values, services, and message and pulled it all together in one cohesive branding package that utilized the story brand framework.


She walks the walk and talks the talk. She not only lives out her brand, but she helps business owners do the same. She takes her business acumen and applies it to all areas of your business. She can help you take your message and show you how to implement it in every area of your company so that every person, every action, and every process serves your brand and fulfills your purpose.


J. Duck takes strategic branding to a new level. Work with her if you want to take your marketing (branding) to the stratosphere.


-Deborah Mousseau

Public Health Consultant

You clarified my thinking, helped me articulate my thoughts and message and provided a strategic direction for my consulting business.

-Martha Sichone- Cameron, Public Health Consultant

Compass & Nail | VIEV

Jduck took our nebulous idea and not only help us visualize it, but they also created a detailed plan and staffing model to make it thrive. 


We were leading the start-up efforts to launch a new lifestyle brand. Our expertise is Loyalty Architecture and traditional go-to-market e-commerce, but we had an idea to create an online community to build relationships and conversations as a new way to create sales through relationships.


Not being our expertise, we came to J. Duck Consulting who not only took our vision of a community but translated our story universe and brand message into a custom private label online community.   The innovative community is designed to create retention through relationships, experiences through interest groups, interaction through live programming, and sales through trusted relationships and seamless transition to sales platforms. J. Duck’s insight into our vision and brand message was so clear and strategic they implemented our brand message strategy into a brand editorial calendar we used for our entire product launch.

- Jason Bowman, Project Lead

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