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Trusted confidant to brainstorm and find solutions


Confidence knowing you don't have to wear every hat 


Ability to stay in your zone of genius

You know you are
a visionairy if...  

You are highly passionate and driven, committed to making the world a better place

You see the long-term potential and take risks when others won't.

You thrive in running your business - with visions and ideas but can't find the words for the ONE IDEA that will move your business to the next level.

Feeling stuck and not able to connect the dots to your 100 ideas for the next step that will move you forward.


You thrive in the excitement of new ideas but loathe figuring out and communicating the details and strategy to get there.


Communicating with your team, feeling they aren't keeping up with all your ideas.

You struggle with...



As a visionary with 100 BIG ideas, you need someone who can tell your story!


Leading a mission-driven brand you are innovative, passionate, and have God-given ideas that make the world a better place, but you struggle to slow down and find the words and details to communicate your ideas.  You need someone who can dream with you, see your vision, and be 





The one who "gets you" and will help you tell your story. Jump into the middle of where you are stuck, connect the dots, and create solutions, determine the next best step and grow your business. 

That's what you get with J. Duck.

The J.Duck Way

Go from stuck to the AHA moment of Getting your Ducks in a Row !



We listen.  We listen some more. We jump into your vision and ideas, ask questions and get to the core of the problem you are solving.



We connect the dots, get you unstuck helping you create a strategy and words to articulate your story, and identify the next best step to take.



With a Visionary Consultant as your partner and confidant, your ideas become inspiring and your passion contagious with a compelling story and clear strategy.

Your Visionary Consultant

I thrive when working with you – the visionairy. You may be a serial entrepreneur, CEO, Founder of a Company or Leader. 


I am excited to share your big ideas, game-changing dreams, boldness, and innovation that change the trajectory of your business and impact the world.  


The problem is, as a visionary, it feels almost paralyzing to slow down and think of all the details to communicate and bring your team with you in your new idea.


The good news. You don't have to do it alone.  You don't have to feel like no one understands you and risk overwhelming your staff with too many ideas.

How you communicate your story is everything. Your brand is your story. Your story is what leads your team to action.  Your clear compelling story is the difference between success or failure.


Some of the visionaries I have worked with, when we narrowed down their ideas, they raised millions of dollars for mission-driven organizations in just six months; another organization is now it’s 14th year, positively impacting over 30,000 children.  Yet another client partnered with a national organization when it had never been done before.


YES is possible.  HUGE impact is possible.  Let’s work together to create your compelling story, and narrow down your best idea and strategy to drive real results in your business.

Janna Bowman
Janna Bowman

Here's what clients say.

(They also may refer to me as the Head Duck...

because I help them get their ducks in a row!)

"J. Duck clarified my thinking, helped me articulate my thoughts and message, and provided a strategic direction for my consulting business."




            Martha Sichone-Cameron

            Public Health Consultant 


"J. Duck took our nebulous idea and helped us visualize it, and created a detailed plan and staffing model to make it thrive. J. Duck’s insight into our vision and brand message was so clear and strategic."

            Jason Bowman

            Project Manager


"I had a lot of visions, ideas, and thoughts,  floating around chaotically in my brain. J. Duck took me through the uncomfortable process to wrangle in the chaos into organization  - allowing us to grow our business.  

             Dr. Keith Schreffler

             ArCTIC Integrative Health 

artic-edit-12 (2).jpg

"J. Duck is an amazing "solution-finder" and an incredible partner who will make your project her own and be as committed to it as you are."



            William Anderson

            Fierce Life 

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Let's Get it Done!

(Here's how we help you with the ONE idea)


Strategy Blueprint 

Blueprint is a roadmap that tells your brand story, new idea, product or company. We include your core values, misison, values, and the problem your company or product is solving as background to articulate your story and strategy. The Blueprint could include positioning statement, and outline of strategy for one next best step.

Starting at $5k




Implementation Let's take the DIY to a done for you.  Based on the solutions identified in Vision Blueprint, J. Duck offers hands on to help implment. Whether its being the bridge with the integrators and implementors, working with the marketing team or tactical ways to implement and tell your story.  

Starting at $2k


Strategy 1:1

Strategy Call. After we do the deep work, we don't stop there.  As a confidant and partner, we meet, solve problems, brainstormideas and leave every session with one practical next step.  Sessions last 57 minutes, 

Starting at $247 with packages starting at $1725


Every project starts with a complimentary 27 minute call to get to know one another and determine the best path forward!

You'll be part of a great group of Visionairies
Here are a few projects and clients I have helped. 
ArCTIC Integrated Health & Wellness
Compass & Nail
Family Research Council
Gear West

We give you the confidence to tell your story so you can get back to your zone of genius in your business!

Let's keep talking.

I'll pop into your inbox with ideas, tips and random stories
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